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I can help you improve all aspects of your novel.

I have taught Creative Writing to a wide range of students. I have run workshops for children, recreational classes for adults and have taught students at undergraduate, MA and MFA degree levels.

I have worked for several universities, for the Arvon Foundation and the British Council. I am currently working for Oxford University continuing education.

 I have PhD in Creative Writing and whatever your level and your needs - I can help. Former clients have included published  writers as well as beginners and many of my students have gone on to be published.


Editorial input.  I will look at every aspect of your novel from its structure to its style. I will offer advice on: your book's plot,  its setting, the effectiveness of your characterisation as well as helping you clarify themes, develop the right kind of story arc and the appropriate level of suspense for your chosen genre. I have most experience with novels for children but am happy to help with historical, fantasy and science fiction novels for any audience.


I charge £40 per 3,000 words 
You will receive a written report on the main issues that you might want to consider in editing your novel and will include some comments on the text. I will also suggest stylistic improvements, (but will not correct spelling and punctuation mistakes.)

A 40,000 word novel would cost £533 and would include an hour's tutorial.  For a novel of 80,000 words I would offer three hours of tutorial.

The tutorial can be by phone/facetime/skype/zoom or face to face if you live locally.

Taking the pulse of an older patient

'Nicky has helped me understand so many aspects of writing from plot to complex points of view. She is very direct and immensely encouraging, and her greatest skill (in my opinion) is knowing why a scene/chapter/book isn't working.' Sue Wallman Author of ‘Lying about Last Summer’ (Zoella Book club pick) and ‘See how they Lie’ (Scholastic)

'Nicky was my dissertation supervisor during my MA in Creative Writing at Kingston University. She has an extraordinary depth of knowledge in the craft of storytelling and an innate ability to both nurture and teach fledgling writers. I learned so much from her about plot, character, setting, and dialogue vs narrative. Her insightful comments and notes helped me hone both my manuscript and academic essay to a standard of 'Distinction'. Since then my manuscript has been published as a part of the 'Nat Walker' series in a three book deal with Nosy Crow Publishing.' Susan Moore, Author - 'Crimson Poison', 'Emerald Secret'.

'Nicky is inspiring and insightful. She has the gift of helping you see your own writing through new eyes. She was able to help me with all aspects of my work from plotting through to editing because she has a real understanding of how fiction works.’  Ruth Fitzgerald MA MMU author of  Emily Sparkes series published by Little Brown

'Nicky is an absolute marvel! She can see right to the nub of the issue with your writing and help you tease it out to get to the solution. She has helped me no end and I really can't praise her highly enough.' Camilla Chester, Children's Author



If you would like to contact me for help with your novel. I'd love to hear from you!

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